Asking for Help – When and when-not to ask for Help Article; Asking for Help – When and when-not to ask for Help

Sometimes in life we need assistance from other and even though some people do not like asking for help; certain circumstances may force them to seek for help. I am not a person to ask for help; even from my family members. When I do, it is because I am truly in need of help.

I have learned that when you go to someone for help no matter how big or small; the helper does not recognize the size or impact of their help, they recognize how often they help you. It can be a matter of life and death or it can be a minor little help; to the helper, all they see and feel is how often you seek their help. I have always noticed this, but today I went asking for a little help, which I really should not have; the response I received was a reminder that it is not what you ask for but how often you ask. So here is my advice on When and when-not to ask for help.

  • Ask for the help when it is really necessary;
  • Do not ask for little / minor help (unless it will have a huge impact)
  • Ask for help when you can find a way to payback and make it clear to the helper that you are repaying the help they offered
  • Do not ask for help too often from the same person (you also don’t need to ask from many people)
  • Ask for help when you can payback with interest (at least 10% minimum); even when you did not agree on interest
  • Do not promise the payback deadline you cannot meet (this will make you look bad and you could never get help again)
  • Ask for help from people who will not judge you
  • Do not ask for help from people who might ruin your reputation or integrity by badmouthing you (some people like to brag about who they help to make themselves seem like hero’s)
  • Always keep your word when asking for help
  • Do not ask for help on behalf of someone
  • Ask for help when you need one
  • Do not ask for help at all

Now you have it; and remember sometimes people refusing to help you can be a good thing for you. In any situation where you find yourself seeking someone’s help; try to figure out what lessons you can learn from your situations because every bad situation is an experience to learn from.

Article by PC Lepulana @TwistterC

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