Budget Thinking BAD for Creative Thinking?

Qllen.com Article; Budget Thinking BAD for Creative Thinking

Imagine two groups of creative thinkers or rather let’s say two groups of employees or students, given a task to come up with the most amazing marketing campaign or an award winning video. The first group is told to take into consideration the budget of the project and the other is told that money shouldn’t be an issue. Which group is likely to come up with more creative concepts? The truth is it could be both, or the first or second group; however, what I have learned is that putting a budget into thinking limits creativity.

I have experienced this throughout my life. I have great ideas and in a situation were I have to come up with the concept for something or a video, I usually think without concerning myself with how much it will cost. And when I present the ideas to the team, the response and reaction is usually the same. “Ok how much is that going to cost?” or sometimes “can we afford that?”. The sad thing is that people often ask this questions before they provide feedback on the concept; and when you tell them to forget the money and respond to how the concept is; they’d say it’s great or amazing.

During the thinking process I don’t consider a budget so that I can use a full potential of my creative thinking. I need to identify all possibilities; while thinking with a budget in mind often narrow my creativity. When I have all possibilities of what my project can become, I then narrow the ideas to fit the budget. This is a situation were you find people creating something great at low budget and others creating something not so great at higher budget. This is one of examples of budget thinking being bad for creative thinking. Sometimes the two just don’t go together and should not be mixed.

When you want to come up with great ideas or concepts, put aside the finances. Allow yourself to explore all possibilities in your mind. After all you are using your imagination.  This way whatever you produce at whatever budget you get will be something of good quality. Let the How part come after you are done with the What part.


Article by PC Lepulana @TwistterC

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