The Guide to Starting a Business like a Rocket Article; The Guide to Starting a Business like a Rocket

With so many business and success books written around the world; how come 9/10 businesses fail over 10 years as it has been reported? How come people go to seminars and workshops, get inspired but don’t act on the lessons learned, as it has been speculated? With so many business books written how come so many start-ups fail and struggle to grow?

I have a view point on this matter! I believe it is because of the following reasons:

  1. Most books tell inspiring and logical stories but don’t show the HOW TO!
  2. Entrepreneurs don’t share their stories as they happen, they share at a later stage when they have tried so many solutions and now summarizes everything.
  3. People share success stories not struggle stories and how they faced the struggle.
  4. We all start up differently and how we start our businesses affect our growth and success.

This book shares the HOW TO; I share with you my struggles and lessons so you know what to expect and get ready for. There are things to avoid totally, there are things to absolutely do and there are things to actually try out. This book shares my experience as I try to become the entrepreneur I desire to be. I am at a position whereby on a daily basis I interact with the poor, the broke, the average, the doing well and the successful and millionaire entrepreneurs. The lessons I learn are priceless regardless of my current financial and success state.

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Article by PC Lepulana @TwistterC

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